• Where am I?
    Where am I? Subfoot GPS services are available with top of the line Trimble equipment.
  • Greenway Planning
    Greenway Planning Two Springs provides mapping and planning services for a wide array of projects and locations.
  • Cartography
    Cartography Maps that represent the real world.
  • Infrastructure Mapping
    Infrastructure Mapping From sanitary and storm sewer to water and gas. We can map your underground infrastructure.
  • Field Services
    Field Services If you have a site, we can get to it.
  • Historic Maps
    Historic Maps Historic maps can provide long lost information about your site.

Two Springs Consulting
LLC is a small, woman-owned consulting firm located in Seneca, South Carolina. We specialize in:

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) consulting, and
  • Planning including Environmental, Regional, and Greenspace (Parks and Recreation).


At Two Springs we strive to provide exceptional service and responsiveness to every client on every project. We work to function as part of your team, to add value to your organization, and we strive to build positive, long-term relationships with our clients.


We utilize innovative technology solutions to empower businesses to make informed, smart, and economical decisions. Whether you do business in the commercial, industrial, non-profit, government, public or private sector, we have experience working with like organizations and we look forward to serving you.